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Hello, wanderer!

Hi, wanderer!My name is Marta Stachowiak. I'm a polish digital illustrator living in Chile.My journey as an illustrator began in 2012 with a fascination for the digital art world and possibilities of this medium.

My favorite things to draw include animals and all kinds of critters, often occupying fantastical sceneries brimming with wonders of nature.

My goal is to paint evocative, storytelling artworks that the viewers can feel drawn to. I love when my art is being interpreted freely, resonating with every person in different ways.
Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.
Feel free to reach out via e-mail or an Instagram DM
— I'd love to embark on creative adventures together.

With love,
M. ♥


A bit more about me...I'm a bachelor in theatre studies, but painting has always been my hobby, starting from early years of my life, when I used to passionately redraw animals from scenes of Disney and Dreamworks' movies! Around year 2012 I put my hands on my first digital tablet, and we have been inseparable ever since!I love the wilderness, lakes, woods and mountains. I adore horseback trips! So... probably the biggest dream of mine is to one day be a lucky girl with a horse ♥I really hope my art journey will eventually help make those wishes come true!

To-do list


  • Cover Kristi

  • DP ajwolfwalton [sketching]

  • S Jade (on Discord)

  • rc.designs.custom

  • DP Emily VanVlerah

  • S Reed

  • S MyCanineLife

  • L Icarus

  • TD Korrinna


Illustration sets

  • B Just Like The Sun

  • BADGES Jade (on Discord)


cute Sketches

  • kristylynneart

  • loki_und_seine_crew


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  • sphiar.art

  • ojitosdeaceitunas

  • paulina.pi

  • RF 🐕 x.fawksi

  • von.jakoba

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Last update: 04 MAY 2024

Please note: this is my general plan of finishing the work ASAP.The nicknames are not placed in any particular order. I do my best to finish all the art as planned.Thank you for your understanding ♥PS. Sometimes I accept orders while not having immediate access to my PC, so you may not appear in here right away after placing your order. Please don't worry, I'll add you within a day or two! (but if you won't appear here within around a week from placing the order, you may consider poking me with a friendly reminder ;)


Art ideas suggested by others ♥

  • birthstone foxes (from liabaker22)

  • "Bella Sara" horses (from beautiful_bonsai)



Contact me on Instagram or e-mail: martith.arts@gmail.comI'll be contacting you back as soon as possible to arrange the details.Your name & commission status will be added to my to-do list.You are welcome to reach out to me anytime if you have questions!

If no type of commission seems to match your ideas, don't hesitate to contact me and we can discuss your unique visions!For more detailed info check my TOS.

runic fullbody


A flat color digital artwork that features ornamental decorations.
Mystical vibe.

horse portrait

$60 | Additional horse +$30 each

Rough brush portrait of your horse on a paper-like background.

Every additional horse +$30

tattoo design


A blackwork design by me.
✓ comes with permission to use, adjust and/or color in by your tattoo artist.
To purchase a tattoo ticket for an existing design, visit my Etsy store!

cartoon style

$90 | Additional character +$40 each

Cartoon style art with a minimal shading and a simple background/white background.Can include transparent version if the composition allows!


$90 | Additional character +$40 each

Stylized portrait/bust with simple shading and background.

Every additional character +$40

detailed portrait

$180 | Additional character +$70 each

Every additional character +$70

Stylized portrait/bust with rendered scenery and lighting.


$300 | Additional character +$70 each

Fullbody illustration within a detailed scenery.By default, sceneries are in horizontal orientation, with the canvas of 7500 x 4200 px, if you would like me to draw vertically on a tall canvas instead, please make sure to let me know when discussing the details of the commission!


commission info

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about book illustrations & covers

Contact me directly with details about your project so I can price my work accordingly to the deadline/complexity and your budget.My charges are per page spread.

Full spread - 2 pages "connected"
Half spread - 1 page
Single illustration (minimal or no background)
The bulk order discounts apply to orders of 10+ illustrations!

more info

Bulk ordersApplies to orders of multiple artworks, like book illustrations, backgrounds, concept art etc.
Pieces ordered at once vs applied discount:
For 10 or more: -10% discount
For 30 or more: -20% discount
For 50 or more: -30% discount
Commercial licensingCommercial licensing is +50% of the total cost.Split paymentsI accept split payments.


Square/round: 7016 x 7016 px (~ 59 x 59 cm / 23" x 23")
Horizontal: 7500 x 4200 px (~ 63 x 35 cm / 25" x 14")
Portrait: A2 (~ 42 x 59 cm / 16" x 23")
Tall (long vertical ~42 x 76 / 16.5" x 30")
DPI: 300FAQ: Why your horizontal canvas has a different ratio than the vertical one?It allows for more "cinematic" vibe of the artwork! Other than that, it's just more comfortable for me to work on. For maintaining better composition of horizontal canvas, main model is usually presented slightly to the side as opposed to being in the very center like in vertical ones.

Terms of service

For the rules on use of existing art as tattoos, prints etc., please check the FAQ section ♥


I will paint anything nature and animal related. I may add a small architecture detail as part of the background if you'd like me to!
Swift type of commission includes human characters as well!
I can also draw human/anthro characters in NSFW fashion (paid additionally)I do not draw gore, robots, urban landscapes or hyper realistic humans or hateful/offensive content!I require at least one clear reference photo (or a drawing, in case of original character) to make sure I can depict them properly. There's no maximum limit of photos you can share with me, I take them all ♥ You can also share a bit about your pet's personality to help me create the artwork that shows their nature well!Additionally, you can freely suggest background theme, color palettes, pose and/or expression and so on (if desired) to any chosen commission type.If you have a preference regarding deadline or details like canvas orientation/size, be sure to include them in your request!


Payments in USD are required upfront after you accept the basic sketch of the artwork.Payment options: PayPal / PayPal invoiceSplit payments are available with commissions of $100 and over / bulk orders.Partial refunds (proportional to the level of progress) can be requested at any time.Full refunds are available before the commission has been started or if I can't proceed with it due to personal reasons.


You can request WIPs of your commission for review. I highly encourage you to point out potential errors at the early stages of drawing process. Constructive criticism and polite feedback are very welcome.If you need the artwork to be finished before certain time, please make sure to let me know the deadline while placing your order.The most detailed images can take up to 1,5 months to get finished. I'll let you know of any big delays as soon as I can tell they will happen. I work constantly towards improving my speed while keeping up the quality :)


I provide a digital copy of an artwork. You are allowed to publish (with credit) and print the ordered artwork on your own - for your own use (includes gifting it, even to multiple people).Re-selling an artwork in any shape or form is prohibited. For commercial use terms please read about the COMMERCIAL USE section.I won't be selling the rights to the commissioned images to other people or companies.


I can make small changes to a finished artwork free of charge. For major changes that don't derive from my own overlook, an additional fee applies.Examples of small (free) vs major (paid) changes:SMALL
• changing details of already drawn accessories
• changing the expression, fixing the markings or colors
• adding a favorite toy, bowl, blanket...
• adding elements to an existing background
• adding/changing accessories that usually go on the animal (collars, bows, costumes...)
• changing the pose
• adding more pets/characters
• completely changing background/atmosphere


commission info

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more about me

to-do list

terms of service



Contact me on Instagram or e-mail: martith.arts@gmail.comI'll be contacting you back as soon as possible to arrange the details.Your name & commission status will be added to my to-do list.You are welcome to reach out to me anytime if you have questions!


Bulk ordersApplies to orders of multiple artworks, like book illustrations, backgrounds, concept art etc.
Pieces ordered at once vs applied discount:
For 10 or more: -10% discount
For 30 or more: -20% discount
For 50 or more: -30% discount
NEWEtsy promo codes!
For 10 or more: BULK10 | -10%
For 20 or more: BULK20 | -20%
For 30 or more: BULK30 | -30%


I reserve the right to publish any commissioned artwork on my social media and/or sell the physical copies of said artwork (in forms of prints or merchandise).This applies only to fantasy sceneries or backgrounds; in other words - artworks that do not hold a particular sentiment to the commissioner.I will not sell commissioned images of real life pets and people, no matter the setting (i.e. this applies to pets in fantasy sceneries as well).Additionally, I will keep the artwork completely private if you ask me to.


Commercial use needs to be agreed upon beforehand. The conditions of such use will be discussed on a case by case basis, however, usually it costs an additional 100% of the commissioned piece(s) price.I usually choose the one-time payment for the image, however I'm open for different forms of collaboration.Purchase of my personal artworks for commercial purposes is also possible. In such case I'll provide you with the proper license after the agreed upon payment is made.

Q & A

Free use

Please contact me via Instagram DM or e-mail, providing the link to/ screenshot of the artwork you'd like to use and details of what you want to use it for. Please refrain from using the art before getting my permission, even if you saw it used by someone else.

NOTE: If you spotted my art used somewhere without credit or you're not sure if this person have my permission, please don't attack them. Feel free to contact me first and let me handle this personally.For commercial use terms please find the COMMERCIAL USE section in terms of service.


I allow the free use of my art for personal purposes, such as:

  • drawing practice & inspiration, but please do not trace my art!

  • profile pictures on social media

  • posters for non-profit events & organizations (animal charity fundraiser events, adoption fairs etc.)

  • cover photos (Facebook, Twitter...)

  • backgrounds for youtube song uploads

  • forum profile banners/backgrounds

under those rules:

  • you need to ask me beforehand if and what you can use, since some artworks (especially paid commissions) are not available to use under any circumstances unless you are the client who paid for that artwork.

  • you need to credit me

- for pages with clickable links like youtube, facebook - with my tag (Martith, Martith Art) or a link to one of my social media account (IG, Facebook) or this website- for reposts on pages like IG, tag my profile @martith.art in description and on the image itself; for profile pictures - tag me in the bio- for other pages rules of crediting will be specified on case by case basis, usually a name mention, and/or link or hyperlink is fine!

  • My permission is granted for an indefinite period of time, but can be withdrawn at any moment.

  • My permission is granted for specific artworks only.

  • My permission is granted on a personal basis.

  • Person with my permission cannot pass that permission to another person. If you got my permission, and someone asked you if they can use this work too, please redirect them to me.

  • I keep the right to request an artwork removal at any time.

  • I keep the right to deny the use of my art.

  • In case of unauthorized use of my art or permission abuse I have the right to not only revoke the permit, but also to ban you from any use of my art in the future. Legal action may be initiated.

Tattoo designs

Do you tattoo on people?
I am not a tattoo artist - I'm a digital artist only. The designs you see may perform different when assessed by a professional tattoo artist, and you should always consult them first before paying for a custom work like this.
I really like that drawing you made, can I use it as a tattoo?
Using existing art as tattoo design is possible, however, you need to contact me for permission first. When posting the design on social media, you and/or tattoo artist will just need to credit me as a design creator/inspiration (depending on the level of changes made to the original art).
That option is available only for my personal artworks (I don't give away rights to commissioned art).

What are the permissions needed?
For those tattoo artists who are open for working on designs brought in by the client, my art comes with permission to be used and adjusted by the tattoo artist so they match their style and technique better. They can discuss the changes with you and get them done without worrying about infringing on my copyrights.
I've been told you shouldn't tattoo someone else's design.
Providing that you have the artist's permission for using it, there's nothing inherently bad in bringing your desired design to a tattoo studio. However, tattoo artists are, as name suggests, also artists, who have their own style and prefer to use it while tattooing. Therefore they'd rather design your tattoo from scratch all by themselves, which is completely understandable - after all, that's a permanent art on your skin we're talking about.Please always discuss such ideas with your tattoo artist and learn their preferences first, before ordering custom art from a digital artist!


When did you start your account?
My Instagram account was started exactly on 28th September 2012
I've been mildly inactive for quite some time though, with my first ever post being made on 18th of November 2016.

Do you have a Patreon?
I do! You can find it here

Do you ever plan to stream?
I actually did stream for some time! Unfortunately, due to lack of time and some other issues I had to put an indefinite pause on it :(

Do you have an online store?
I do have several "stores", however most are based on third-party handling of the productions and orders. You can find my stuff by exploring this page.

Software & Canvas

What do you use to draw?
• I use tablet Wacom Cintiq 13HD, before that Wacom Bamboo Pen (A6 size)• I draw in Paint Tool Sai 2.• I record my speedpaints via OBS.• I edit my speedpaints in phone apps like Meitu & CapCut.

What is your canvas size?
My main choices are:

• Square/Medallion: 7016 x 7016 px (~ 59 x 59 cm / 23" x 23")
• Vertical: A2 (~ 42 x 59 cm / 16" x 23")
• Horizontal: 7500 x 4200 px (~ 63 x 35 cm / 25" x 14")

Why your horizontal canvas has a different ratio than the vertical one?
It allows for more "cinematic" vibe of the artwork! Other than that, it's just more comfortable for me to work on. For maintaining better composition of horizontal canvas, main model is usually presented slightly to the side as opposed to being in the dead center like in vertical ones.


Who are your biggest inspirations?
It changes over time, but my first grand inspiration was a Deviantart user named GaudiBuendia. For lineart and cuteness - Mythie-Paws (bless her soul [*]). For humans and overall style - Felidre. Current main inspirations are clockbirds and giulialibard ♥

What inspired your love of drawing foxes? What do you like most about foxes?
Honestly, I have no idea what started it, but around 2013-2014 I I've gradually became more and more obsessed with foxes, seemingly out of nowhere. I've started to seek more gadgets and items with foxes depicted, and I just loved drawing them more than any other animal. I guess they just came into my life and never left ♥
What I love about them? Their personalities, fluffy coats, and that they're the perfect mixture of cat and dog features. Classic red fox color is just so fun to draw and mess with!


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When did you start digital art?
I've started it in December 2012! I got my first tablet, Wacom Bamboo Pen, for Christmas!

Do you take art requests or trades?
Very rarely, even though I'd love to sometimes. Whenever I do, I announce it on my instagram.

Any advice for aspiring artists?
There are some!

  • Don't get discouraged! I know there's a lot of things that may make you feel like you're not good enough, or that you'll "never" reach a certain level. Those are normal, but unsubstantiated fears that everyone has sometimes! If you need some encouragement, talk to your friends (or art friends!) and chat about your feelings. Or, if you need a break from social media, take it! Your mental health is important.

  • Use references! Photo or real-life references are amazing tool in practicing a skill. Don't think you need to draw everything from your head! Even pro illustrators at big studios use references. There's no shame in using them.

  • Artblocks happen. When you feel like you start to feel burned out, don't feel bad about yourself! Pushing through by force may only result in worse case of burnout! It's your body telling you to take a break. Just like after a nice excercise week your muscles will be sore and tired, the same way after an intensive art period your brain will need a bit of rest. It's completely normal and it's easier to handle when you don't beat yourself over it. Just take a break, do your other favourite thing, have some days off, and your inspiration will come back naturally.

  • The style™ is a mixture of your lifetime insiprations, practices, learned techniques and other small art-related things. It happens naturally, you may actively seek it out, but it is already hidden somewhere in your approach to art like a rough diamond that needs polishing. So don't fret if you "don't have a style" - you do, but it may start showing up more crisp and vivid in the future (maybe others already see it!). If you want, you may look up old artworks of the pro artists you inspire with. Check out their first published works ever and see how the style they have now was almost nowhere to be seen at the start.

  • Try out new things! DTIYS or monthly challenges and other fun art things are great way to practice and try out new styles and ideas.

Did you begin learning to make art digitally or traditionally?
I was making lots of drawing traditionally, mostly for fun and as a hobby.I particularily loved to destroy my VHS animated movies collection by stopping it in various stills and trying to redraw them on piece of paper.It all has changed when I attended an architecture drawing course to give myself a bigger chance of passing the initial exams to architecture studies. (I passed, but eventually failed during 2nd semester). My art coach on that course had a Wacom tablet and has been flexing his art on us poor noob souls, so it made me want to have one myself. I got one the same year for Christmas and my life has never been the same ever since ;)
How do you know when to do hard vs soft edges in an illustration?
Believe it or not, that's a tough question! I usually don't know when to do them, I choose to do it during the process based on if I feel like it. I used to be really miserable with lineart as a beginner, so I stuck to lineless art for a long time. Only recently I've found out I'm getting slightly better at lines, probably due to getting more practice with general shapes and anatomy, as well as trying out more various styles thanks to popularity of DTIYS challenges!
Where do you find your inspiration for scenic photos? Do you travel into nature, do research on locations?
I do love to travel into nature a lot! When I was a child/teenager I've had an opportunity to spend lots of free days and holidays in the countryside.I used to be a passionate young "photographer", so I was quite attentive towards views and landscapes. However, the best source of art inspirations to this day is just... Google Images ;) Sometimes we simply can't be in the place we wish to draw, so that is a great way to bypass those limitations.When drawing, I gather tons of photos I think may help me convey the general feel. Because incredibly specific scenes are usually hard to find, I've learned to just gather +10 photo references on the side and use them for general inspiration!
Will you make a tutorial on ___ ?
I always hope to find a way to make a tutorial on a thing or two, and I do have some that are basically started, but there's always something that stands in the way of finishing. I plan to release at least some, eventually!


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Current status:
OPEN for individual commissionsCLOSED For big projects like illustration sets (for books, games, etc.)


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